Country facilitators

Cool Blue Future is based on a network of country facilitators across Northern Europe working individually and together to pave the way for regenerative ocean cultivation based on the principles outlined in the Manifesto for regenerative ocean farming.

The country facilitators are a diverse bunch, but they each serve as contact points for things related to regenerative ocean cultivation in their respective countries by supporting for example:

  • The formation of blue community gardens
  • The transition of fishers to regenerative ocean farming
  • New value chains based on regenerative crops
  • Educational activities related to regenerative ocean farming
  • Events, pr and communication
  • Lobbying and working with authorities
  • Environmental assessments
  • Networks of relevant stakeholders

Your country not on the list?

Are you curious as to how your organisation can become a Cool Blue Future facilitator? To find out more about joining Cool Blue Future, please download and read our guide. And feel free to give us a heads up if you represent an organisation in a country, where Cool Blue is not present yet.

Download guide (PDF)